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  • मतदाता जागरूकता अभियान 'संकल्प' जहानाबाद
  • मतदाता जागरूकता अभियान 'संकल्प' जहानाबाद
  • मतदाता जागरूकता अभियान 'संकल्प' जहानाबाद

About District

Jehanabad: Socio-Cultural Profile   Jehanabad district was carved out of the old GAYA district on 1st August 1986. Earlier it was a subdivision of Gaya since 1872. It is situated 56 km to the south of the State Head Quarters, Patna and 47 km to the north of Gaya by road and is well connected to both the stations via an electrified rail route as well. Again, in the year of 2001, the district of Arwal was created out of the district of Jehanabad.

                  The district covers 941.4 sq. km. of geographical area in South Bihar. The city of Jehanabad, which is the HQ of the district, is situated at the confluence of rivers Dardha and Jamuna. Lying between 25-0 to 25-15 degree north latitude and 84-13 to 85-15 degree eastern longitude, the district is bounded by districts of Patna in the north, Gaya in the south, Nalanda in the east and Arwal in the West.

                  Fertile alluvial soil locally called "Kewal" supports the district's predominantly agricultural economy and is currently being tilled for production of paddy, wheat, cane, potato, pulses, vegetables etc.

                  Description of Jehanabad in the history is found in the famous book "AINA-E-AKBARY" written by Abul Fazal. The book states that in the 17th century this place was badly affected by famine and people were dying of hunger.  Moghul emperor Aurangzeb, in whose times the book was re-written established a "Mandi" for relief of the people and named it  'JEHANARABAD'. The Mandi was under the direct control of Jehanara and she spent a great deal of time here. In due course of time, the place became 'JEHANARABAD' and later 'JEHANABAD'

                  The dialect spoken here is Magadhi (Magahi).


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